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Regarding Gospelpella and Kings Anniversary Celebration



We are very appreciative of the anticipation that many have for our yearly events, Gospelpella and King’s Church Anniversary.  Unfortunately, these events have been cancelled for 2017.  Two factors moved us to this cancellation: 


  • The renovation work at Brooklyn College, our strategic location for Gospelpella.

  • The birthing of our multi-site in Brownsville.  The challenge of opening our second location is nearing completion.  We are marshaling our forces and channeling our resources for a powerful and purposeful entrance.  Please keep us in prayer. 



Thank you for your support of our ministry and patronage of these and other events.  Please recognize that we hold your expectations in high regard and cherish the opportunity of your visit.  We look forward to seeing you at any of our events, programs or services. 


Thank you again for your support.   


David E. Wilson, Minster


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