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Our Mission

Bringing. Binding. Building. Blessing...


Our mission at the Kings Church of Christ is to emulate the life of Jesus Christ as a church body.  We seek to provide service, teaching, and examples of Christ to the Brooklyn community that would result in discipleship and transformation. We also aspire to impact the entire city of Brooklyn, spreading the goodness of God and the riches gained from living a life that mirrors the character of Christ. We seek to:


  • Bring men and women to discipleship through expository preaching and teaching.
  • Bind them in the Body through affectionate fellowship and Christ-like compassion.
  • Build them up in the Body through participation in the life Ministries of Christ.
  • Bless their lives through the application of sound Biblical principles using a holistic approach.



The means by which we accomplish our mission is through MINISTRY. While there are many things that Jesus and the Apostolic Church taught and accomplished, we believe they can be boiled down or summed up by three main ministries.  We see them as relevant to our mission, vision and purpose. These ministries are:


  • The Word Ministry: This ministry has the focus of broadcasting the Word of God.  A vast number of Works, Systems and Operations are geared towards the exposition of the Holy Scriptures.  Some of these are evangelism, media, teaching and worship.

  • The Shepherding Ministry: Retention and restoration of members are the main focuses of the Shepherding Ministry.  Systems, Operations and Works are aimed at growing new members to maturity and finding those sheep (members) that have gone astray. Some of these are visitation, youth group, singles, seniors and new converts.

  • The Stewardship Ministry: Here, the focus is managing the resources of the Church so that all Works, Operations and Systems are supported. Some of these are finances, transportation and property management.


Every ministry is composed of several specific and dedicated sub-ministries. The all have three intertwining components:


  • Works – Activities and events primarily or proportionately purposed for the development of Godly character.

  • Operations – Events, programs, services that result in exposure to the church.

  • Systems – Those activities, services or efforts that ascertain, account and distribute resources or equipment necessary for works and operations.

Visit our Ministry Circle today to join a minsitry or learn more about them!
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