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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit….



10 years ago, the Kings Church of Christ purchased a building at 361 Rockaway Avenue in the Brownsville neighborhood.  The significance of this is that approximately 4.1 miles away sits another building in the East Flatbush neighborhood at 1371 Rogers Avenue.  We purchased a building in Brownsville while worshipping and executing ministry in East Flatbush.  

“Are we moving?”  Some would ask.  “How can we be in two places at once?” others would say.  “Let’s build one large building where everyone can fit.”  There were many legitimate questions and concerns that arose.  Our Leadership had a bold vision:  To multi-site within the borough of Brooklyn.    



Being a visionary is scary especially when you do something that you’ve never done.  Our minister Bro. David E. Wilson often reminds us that Vision is a mental picture of who you are and who you must become.   A vision doesn't come to fruition without setbacks.   Even after purchasing the property and on the brink of what seemed to be sure success, there were many setbacks.  Through it all, God allowed new doors to be opened and new connections to be made.  In late 2015, we were introduced to the Solomon Foundation and in the spring of 2017 the renovation work began for our second location.  



The Kings Church of Christ is a diverse body of believers who seek to emulate the life of Jesus Christ.  We seek to provide service, teaching and examples of Christ to the Brooklyn community that would result in discipleship and transformation.  We also aspire to impact the entire city of Brooklyn, spreading the goodness of God and the riches gained from living a life that mirrors the character of Christ.  We seek to:  Bring men and women to discipleship through expository preaching and teaching.  Bind them in the Body through affectionate fellowship and Christ-like compassion.  Build them up in the Body through participation in the life ministries of Christ.  Bless their lives through the application of sound Biblical principles using a holistic approach.  


The Kings Church of Christ is excited to bring its unique offerings to the Brownsville community.  


—  dynamic preaching and teaching ministry

—  diverse church membership and culture

—  community oriented events:  Health Fair, Parenting Workshop, Baby        Dedication, Back to School/Community Celebration, Gospelpella

—  Exciting and engaging worship services

—  Children’s programs

—  Youth programs



     And more…….


     In 2019, our 2nd location opened and we look forward to serving the community of Brownsville!



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