Please review the following frequently asked questions. We'd be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have as well. Just contact us or come and visit the Kings Church of Christ!

Q: When can I visit the Kings Church of Christ?


We welcome anyone to come visit services and events! Please check our Worship Times or review our Calendar and come join us! Click here for our address and directions.


Q: Do I have to dress up?


We care more that you’re here, than about what you wear. Our worship service is a time where we gather together to become one with God. No matter what your personal style is, you’ll be comfortable at the Kings Church of Christ. Many people prefer to dress up a bit on Sunday mornings, but we want you to be comfortable. We only request that clothes not be offensive.

Q: Will I be asked to give you any money?


No, our guest are not asked to give. However, if you’d like to make a contribution, we’d be very grateful, but don’t feel obligated.


As for our members, we teach the Biblical principle of the tithe. We believe that all believers are commanded to give at least 10% (tithe) of their gross income to the local church of which they are a member. We also teach that the tithe is a minimum requirement that each believer should seek to exceed as God prospers us and gives increase! (2 Cor. 9:6-7; Mal. 3:8-10)

Q. Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or be singled out?


No. During the invitation visitors are welcome to ask for prayers using our prayer cards. Simply come up front during the invitation and complete a card. You do not have to stand, speak or be singled out to request prayers.


We also encourage our visitors to complete a visitors card so we can welcome you as our honored guest at the end of service. If you feel comfortable, you can stand and great everyone. Otherwise we'll read your name and simply welcome you. 


We also provide gift bags to our honored guests. Our acknowledgement of your presence is not to embarrass you or make you say anything. We simply want you to know how much we appreciate your visit!

Q. What other books do you base your faith on aside from the Bible?


None. We ONLY use the bible. We believe, based on what the Bible teaches, that’s it is the inspired Word of God. Therefore, the Bible is our only guide. Man is imperfect, and therefore, we can’t base our salvation or our relationship with God based on another man’s thoughts, who is faulty like us. We believe that God is perfect, and therefore, his Word is perfect. At the Kings Church of Christ, you’ll never be asked to blindly accept what the preacher says about the Bible; we encourage you to read the Bible for yourself to see “whether those things are so.” (Acts 17:11)

Q. What is your minister like?


David Wilson, known as the “The Expositor”, is funny, dynamic, and exiting. He’s served in this position since 1996, evidencing phenomenal growth in all areas. David has a strong devotion for Expository Preaching.  He firmly believes that the thoughts and ideas of the text must be examined, exposed and exemplified with dutiful integrity and Christ-like compassion. Those who hear him are guaranteed to stay plugged in and enjoy the “good time” the sermon provides, while taking in the seriousness of God in the same instance. You can read his bio here.

Q: How do I become a member?


The bible teaches that baptism adds you to the body of Christ. Once you’re baptized into the Church of Christ, you can become a member here at the Kings Church of Christ. Please read more about it here: Our Beliefs

Q: Is there a place for my kids? What about infants?


For children (ages 3-8), we have a special program for them during worship service called “Bible Explorers”. While you’re in worship service, our wonderful teachers will teach them fun, exciting lessons through Bible games, crafts and more.


For infants, there’s a “Baby Room” in our upstairs foyer where you can be with your child, and still watch and listen to the sermon.

Q: What does the Kings Church of Christ believe?


We believe that God is the Creator of the world and all things. We also believe that Jesus Christ is His Son. We believe that there is One God, One faith, One church, and One baptism. We also believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and the only proven book relevant for worship. If you’d like a better understanding, you can click here: Our Beliefs

Q: Who founded the Church of Christ?


The bible tells us that the church of Christ was established by Jesus Christ. So, we proudly bear his name. (Matt. 16:13-18) Jesus Himself built the church (Matt. 16:18) by purchasing it with His own blood. (Acts 20:28) He is the head of the church (Eph. 1:22-23) and He is coming back to receive the church to glory. (1 Cor. 15:24) While there have been some men in recent memory who have made great contributions to spreading the Gospel, like Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell or Barton Stone, Jesus Christ is the one and only “founder”.

Q: What Does Your Worship Consist of?


We derive our singing, praying, preaching, giving and partaking of the Lords Supper from examples of the 1st century church in the bible.


The Bible commands the observance of worship on the first day of the week (Sunday); We sing, we pray, and we observe the Lord’s Supper (in memory of Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins and His resurrection on the third day following His death). We also hear a message from our minister, which is known as the “sermon” or the “lesson”. Our members are also commanded to give back a very small portion of our earnings which God has blessed us with.


We do these things because of scriptural example, and to support the church.

Q: Is infant baptism practiced?


Based on what the Bible teaches, baptism is for the wawshing away of sins and we believe babies are without sin. The bible gives examples that becoming a Christian is a conscious choice a person makes, and not something that another person makes them do. Only those who have reached the “age of accountability” are baptized. So, while there is no exact age, only those old enough to understand and believe the gospel are considered fit subjects for baptism.


However, while we don’t baptize infants, we host an annual “Baby Dedication” a few times a year where everyone from the community (visitors and church members alike), are welcome to join! During the Baby Dedication, we pray for the babies and their families.


We always receive a great turnout from the community, and it’s one of our most popular yearly events.

Q: How often is the Lord’s Supper/Communion served?


We take the Lord’s Supper on each Lord’s day, which is Sunday, according to the teachings in Acts 20:7. We won’t make you wait or set aside what we feel is a “special” day. We take it every Sunday just like the First Century Christians did, and as God commands us to.

Q: I read these FAQs, but I still have questions. What should I do?

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