At the Kings Church of Christ, we are a bible based church. We generally speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent.  The Bible is our only guide— no man-made additional creeds/booklets/instructions are required. We believe that if God, who is the creator of all, said it in his Holy and divine word, then it is more than good enough for us!


The absolute guidance from the scriptures is taken from three hermeneutical principles:

  • We follow commandments of the scriptures

  • We follow examples from the Apostles

  • We derive necessary inferences from the scripture


In line with our doctrinal/Biblical beliefs, our worship services always consist of the following practices to mirror the First Century Church in the New Testament:


  • Singing

  • Preaching (study of God’s word)

  • Prayer

  • Giving (weekly)

  • Communion (weekly)


How Do I Become Saved and Be a Christian?

It’s easy! Once you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, you get baptized to be saved and become a member of God’s family. We can never be “good enough” by our own accords to be saved. We are all sinners and broken, trying to get as close to God as we can. We know and understand that it is only by God’s abundant grace and mercy that we are saved. Although some may say that you simply have to “believe in your heart” and that makes you become a Christian, there’s no example of that in the Bible. Those people may be well-intentioned, but it goes against what the Bible teaches. Based on what the Bible teaches, here are some things that God requires to enter into Heaven:







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Come join us for services and hear the word of God. Should you believe the word and are ready to repent of your sins and confess that Jesus is Lord, we'll baptize you in the' name of Jesus. We'll then help you learn more about Gods word and walk a Christian life. 


Whether it takes you 30 seconds to decide or longer, we’ll be waiting for you to be added to God's family.