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1948          Under the sponsorship of the Manhattan Church of Christ, Brother William N. Fryer, started the Brooklyn Church of Christ at the Hotel Bossert on the corner of Montague and Hicks Street in Brooklyn, NY.



1959          Construction started on new building at Flatlands & Ralph Ave. By the middle of the year the congregation was able to meet in the 1st area of the building.

1952     The congregation met at 800 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.


1960     The new building was completed.


1961          On April 9, the congregation became known as the “Flatlands Church of Christ” under the leadership of Brother Chesley Wooten.


1978       In July of 1978, the present location at 1371 Rogers Avenue was purchased for worship purposes.


1996        Brother David E. Wilson was ordained Minister of the Flatlands Church of Christ on June 30, 1996.






              2007          The congregation became known as the “Kings Church of Christ” and a new building acquired at 359 Rockaway Avenue.


Kings Church of Christ History

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