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Word Ministry
This ministry has the focus of broadcasting the Word of God.  A vast number of Works, Systems and Operations are geared towards the exposition of the Holy Scriptures.  Some of these are evangelism, media, teaching and worship.
Media Ministry 
Evangelism Ministry 
 Education Ministry
The Shepherding Ministry

Retention and restoration of members are the main focuses of the Shepherding Ministry.  Systems, Operations and Works are aimed at growing new members to maturity and finding those sheep (members) that have gone astray. Some of these are visitation, youth group, singles, seniors and new converts.



Retention Committee

Singles Ministry

Seniors Ministry

New Converts Ministry  

Visitation Committee










The Stewardship Ministry

Here, the focus is managing the resources of the Church so that all Works, Operations and Systems are supported. Some of these are finances, transportation and property management.

Finance Ministry
Transportation Ministry

Our Ministries

We work together to spread God's Word, Shepheard the flock and be good Stewards.


Our mission at the Kings Church of Christ is to emulate the life of Jesus Christ as a church body.  We seek to provide service, teaching, and examples of Christ to the Brooklyn community that would result in discipleship and transformation. We also aspire to impact the entire city of Brooklyn, spreading the goodness of God and the riches gained from living a life that mirrors the character of Christ.





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