What to Expect

The Kings Church of Christ is a loving church with exceptional teaching and a dynamic worship service! You’re sure to see and meet smiling faces before you can even sit down! We know that Jesus is not dead, so we don’t think his church should be either. We’re friendly, exciting, and we’re based on solid, Biblical principles and teachings—not on entertainment. Everything we do, we do under control in an orderly manner, and our activities can be referenced in the New Testament of the Bible. YOU are our honored guest, so you’ll find no exclusive pews for any person. All are greeted with equal courtesy and kindness, so feel free to sit wherever you wish.






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So what do we expect from you?


We only want you to  come and get ready to experience a life-changing church! We expect you to be ready to learn, and leave uplifted and better than you came. We’re not a perfect people, and we’re not without flaws. We’re people from all walks of life, trying to get better and better each step of the way. So don’t feel as if you can’t come because church people are “too good”; we’re striving to deal with our issues and follow the image of Christ as well. So come see us!